Bring forth your argument!

Allahummarhamna bil Qur’an
Waj’alhulana imamaw wa nurrow wahudaw wa rohmah
Allahumma dzakkirna min huma nasiina wa a’limna minhuma jahilna
Warzuqna tilawatahu aana
Allaili wa athrofannahar
Waj’alhu lana hujjatan
Ya Robbal ‘Alamin

Oh Allah, have a mercy on me  in the name of the Great Qur’an,

And make it for me a guide and light,

And guidance and mercy.

Oh Allah, make me remember what of it I have forgotten

Make me know of it, that which I have become ignorant of

And make me recite in the night and the day

And make it an argument for me,

O thou sustainer of (all) the worlds



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