Dear God, Dear YHWH, Dear EL, Dear Allah, Dear Tuhan... In Your majesty, You create differences... In my arrogance, I question Your wisdom... In Your mystery, You create temptation... In my inferiority, You make me more than who I am... So here I am... Surrender me in the agony of Your love... Surrender me in the irony of Your law... Lead me to the joy of love re-divined... Teach me how to love You more*

Our minds are challenged to look beyond the borders but the society we live in are still very traditional. I respect tradition and culture because it is an important factor in knowing our roots but sometimes it also creates a block in our lives…because it won’t really let us see or act beyond it’s boundaries.

*Quote from indie movie “cin(T)a:GOD is a Director”


“Lakum dinukum waliyadin…”


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